Steven Gomes Jr

Steven Gomes Jr is thought provoking, innovative and spontaneous. He dares to speak on controversial topics with witty confrontational ideas. He was raised in Brooklyn NY and attended LaSalle Academy High School in New York, NY. He was entered into a writing contest and placed very well and His English teacher then introduced him to Shakespeare and Cyrano de Bergerac. It was then that his love for writing was born. He was given the nickname “the pest” as a kid he would poke and do anything to get his family members attention. Enamored with zombies after the hit song “Thriller” as he got older, he often asked himself “were the people dead that came back to life? Or “were the people alive but emotionally and spiritually dead?” He aimed to use “Pabulum” to poke the living with his words to make sure they eren’t spiritually or emotionally dead themselves. He loves challenging norms and challenging comfort levels. He truly believes that questions and confrontation can truly save the world.



is nourishment of an intellectual nature. It's a combination of one liner short read that isare bound to connect with the reader on several emotion levels. The book is broken down into Reality, Love, Daydreaming, War, Pray, Binge, and Riddles. All the contents in this book are meant to feed the reader's mind, body, and soul. The perfect blend of curiosity and agitation to fill that hidden insatiable desire to feed your deepest darkest questions. It's a sometimes abstract and mysterious perspective on life and the human experience. I must warn the reader, not every meal you real will be sweet. some meals you read will be very bitter. Every meal you read has a caloric intake so there is no need to worry about waistline. Just eat.

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